Best Places to visit in San Francisco
  1. Golden Gate Bridge
  2. Alcatraz Island
  3. Palace of Fine Arts
  4. Golden Gate Park
  5. San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
  6. PIER 39
  7. The Painted Ladies
  8. Twin Peaks
  9. Muir Woods National Monument
  10. Mission Dolores Park

1. Golden Gate Bridge

Visit Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco
Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge is a suspension bridge in California that crosses the Golden Gate to connect Marin County to the north with San Francisco. The bridge is considered the world’s highest and longest suspension bridge when it was finished in 1937. The Golden Gate Bridge became known as a representation of the strength and development of the United States, and it established a standard for suspension-bridge construction worldwide.

Although other bridges have since overtaken it in size, the beauty of its surroundings still makes it the most photographed bridge in the world, even though others have since surpassed its scale. It shares the strait with California State Route 1 (Pacific Coast Highway) and U.S. Route 101 and has a pedestrian promenade. Golden Gate Bridge is considered one of the Best Places in San Francisco.

Entry fee table

Take a look at the admission fee to enter the Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco.

Number of AxlesFasTrak 
License Plate Account & One-Time PaymentToll
2 Axles/
3 Axles$25.20$26.40$28.20
4 Axles$33.60$35.20$37.60
5 Axles$42.00$44.00$47.00
6 Axles$50.40$52.80$56.40
7 Axles or More$58.80$61.60$65.85

2. Alcatraz Island

Explore Alcatraz Island in USA
Alcatraz Island

Rock-covered Alcatraz Island, sometimes known as The Rock, is located in California’s San Francisco Bay. The island is situated 1.5 miles (2 km) offshore and covers an area of 22 acres (9 hectares). When Lieutenant Juan Manuel de Ayala first discovered the island in 1775, it had sparse flora and served as a haven for seabirds, earning the moniker Isla de Los Alcatraces (Island of the Pelicans).

Alcatraz, which the American government purchased in 1849, served as the location of the first lighthouse built in California in 1854. Later, further structures were constructed on the island, and in 1859, the first permanent army unit was stationed there. The island was established as a prison for military prisoners in 1861.

Admission fee

There is an admission fee to enter Alcatraz Island. Adults will be charged $50.15, Senior Citizens will be charged $47.80, and Children will be charged $33.80 per person. Have fun exploring the attraction with your family and friends.

3. Palace of Fine Arts

Explore Palace of Fine Arts is the one of the beautiful paces in United states
Palace of Fine Arts

When the Panama Pacific International Exposition (PPIE) first opened in 1915, the world and the City of San Francisco were in upheaval. After the devastating earthquake and fire of 1906, the City was just recently on the mend. Europe was experiencing political and economic problems that would eventually spark World War I. In order to promote trade, illustrate the potential of the world, and prove that a rebuilt San Francisco would be genuinely global, the municipal leaders of San Francisco envisioned a daring plan to bring the world together.

Admission fee

There is no entry fee to enter the Palace of Fine Arts. all you need to do is to spend time and enjoy the attraction with your beloved ones.

4. Golden Gate Park

Explore Golden Gate Park in San Francisco
Golden Gate Park

With 25 million visitors each year, Golden Gate Park is one of the most popular parks in the country and is 20% bigger than Central Park in New York. The park’s topography includes 33 acres of lakes, 680 acres of forested area, 130 acres of meadows, and 15 kilometers of roads. Have fun exploring one of the best places in San Francisco with your family and friends.

Entry fee

If you are a resident of San Francisco you’ll be allowed for free and you don’t need to pay any entry fee to enter Golden Gate Park. You can enter whenever you feel to visit this attraction. Travelers not belonging the San Francisco will be asked to pay the admission fee. Take a look at the fee table below.

(November – January)
(February – October)
Entry fee
Seniors (ages 65+ w/ID)$7
Youth (ages 12-17)$7
Children (ages 5-11)$3
Children (under 5)FREE
Fee table

5. San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art is one of the best place to visit in San Francisco
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

In San Francisco, California, there is a museum dedicated to modern and contemporary art called the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. SFMOMA, a nonprofit, was the first museum on the West Coast to focus exclusively on 20th-century art. It has an internationally renowned collection of modern and contemporary art.

Of all American art museums, SFMOMA has the largest gallery, research area, and interpretive area devoted to photography. It is known as the Pritzker Center for Photography and occupies 15,000 square feet on Floor 3. It displays the museum’s extraordinary holdings of more than 17,800 photographs. Have fun exploring the best places in San Francisco with your family and friends.

Entry fee

Admissions for Entry fee
Senior citizens (above 65 years old)$22
Ages between 19-24 years old$19
Below 18 Years oldFree
Fee table

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6. PIER 39

PIER 39 is one of the best places in San Francisco

A commercial mall and well-liked tourist destination, Pier 39 is situated on a pier in San Francisco, California. Shopping, dining, a video arcade, live street entertainment, the Aquarium of the Bay, simulated 3D rides, and views of California sea lions hauled up on docks may all be found at Pier 39.

The Golden Gate Bridge, Bay Bridge, Alcatraz, and the iconic California sea lions hauled out on K-Dock are all visible from PIER 39’s breathtaking vistas of San Francisco Bay. Have fun exploring the best places in San Francisco with your family and friends.

Entry fee

There is no entry fee to enter PIER 39.

7. The Painted Ladies

Explore The Painted Ladies in San Francisco
The Painted Ladies

In American architecture, painted ladies are Victorian and Edwardian residences and buildings that, beginning in the 1960s, have been painted in three or more colors to draw attention to or enhance their architectural features.

The Painted Ladies stand for the California Gold Rush. With so much money pouring into the city, San Francisco’s home builders wanted to show off their newfound wealth with these extravagant homes. Because of this, they have turrets, ornate rooflines, and numerous dramatic windows.

You’ll be not allowed to enter the Painted Ladies, there are residents living so it’s prohibited to enter this attraction. All we can do is take photos in front of the houses and post it on social media, lol

8. Twin Peaks

Explore Twin Peaks
Twin Peaks

This popular attraction is a grassy 64-acre hilltop park with hiking trails leading to wind-swept summits and 360-degree vistas of the Bay Area. A recognizable feature of the skyline is the Sutro Tower antenna, which has three prongs and towers over the neighborhood.

Twin Peaks, so named after two summits that rise to a height of 922 feet, is a far-flung residential area with contemporary residences that are crammed closely together on narrow lots. Have fun exploring one of the best travel attractions in San Francisco with your beloved ones. You can enter Twin Peaks for free!!

9. Muir Woods National Monument

Explore Muir Woods National Monument in San Francisco
Muir Woods National Monument

North of San Francisco, in California, the Golden Gate National Recreation Area includes the Muir Woods National Monument. For its soaring old-growth redwood trees, it is renowned. To get to Cathedral Grove and Bohemian Grove as well as along Redwood Creek, trails wind through the forest.

In the nearby Mount Tamalpais State Park, the Ben Johnson and Dipsea trails ascend a hillside for views of the Pacific Ocean, Mount Tamalpais, and the treetops.

Entry fee

People above 16 years old will be asked to pay $15 per person and children below 16 years old will be permitted for free to visit Muir Woods National Monument.

10. Mission Dolores Park

Native American labor was used to erect Mission Dolores, the city’s oldest standing structure, between 1782 and 1791. Since that time, it has consistently been used for religious purposes. Father Francisco Palou, working under Father Junipero Serra’s guidance, created the Mission in 1776. There is no entry fee to enter Mission Dolores Park and have fun exploring the best places in San Francisco with your beloved ones.

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